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World Interaction Design Day: Trust & Responsibility

Designers and technologists have become increasingly aware of the ways the things they create are used... and sometimes misused. We've assembled a cast of characters to tell you stories about ethics in action from across the industry: artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and voice interface design. Join us to hear their stories and discuss ways to create more trust in the experiences we are all designing.

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Scott Belsky, Chief Product Officer, Adobe

  • Welcome to World Interaction Design Day 2019

Mark Webster, Director of Product, Adobe

  • Trust & Responsibility in Voice Interface Design

Molly Wright Steenson, Ph.D., K&L Gates Associate Professor in Ethics and Computational Technologies, Carnegie Mellon University

  • The Accidental Ethicist. Many of us find that we're navigating the difficult waters of ethics and tech that seem bigger than our britches and more than maybe we'd expected. How does a designer navigate this terrain?

Milena Pribic, Advisory Designer, Artificial Intelligence Design, IBM Design Program Office

  • Defining and Designing Healthy Relationships. What defines a healthy relationship when one of us is an AI? In this talk, we’ll translate our understanding of human relationships to the design of AI interactions. We’ll look at how we can embrace feedback from our users to support long-term, meaningful relationships. We’ll go over the organizational practices that allow us to discover and scale these insights. We can’t design for relationships without an intentional focus on trust and transparency. Ethical principles must be woven into every aspect of our design process in order to be reflected back into the world.

Max Whitney, Software Engineering & Information Security Consultant

  • User Oriented Security: Only You Can Prevent This Security Wasteland. Twelve million patients’ data compromised in Quest Diagnostics breach. Twenty-one million government background checks exposed in U.S. Office of Personnel Management breach. One hundred million people’s information released in Capital One breach. Do you look upon our collective works and despair? Fear not for the winds are changing, and your work will be on the forefront of that change. Combining the well-weathered practices of design thinking and threat modeling, this talk presents a model for User Oriented Security which you can apply in your next design sprint.

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